What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a systems-oriented approach to medicine that focuses on:

  • Identifying
  • Understanding
  • Addressing the underlying or root cause(s) of disease
  • Empowering patients to take an active role in their health


Functional Medicine is deeply science based and incorporates:

  • Genetic science
  • Systems biology
  • Environmental factors
  • Lifestyle factors


Functional Medicine is highly personalized. Rather than simply making a diagnosis and attempting to treat symptoms, it asks:

  • “Why do we have this problem in the first place?”
  • “Why has function been lost?”
  • “What can we do to restore function?”


Functional Medicine Practitioners:

  • Concentrate on assessing the underlying causes of complex and chronic diseases.
  • Spend extended time with patients listening to their stories.
  • At the interactions that influence long-term health/complex chronic illnesses
    • Genetic
    • Environmental
    • Lifestyle factors
  • Look to find the root cause involved with function
  • A dynamic treatment plan including
    • Dietary changes
    • Lifestyle changes
    • Nutritional supplements
    • Therapeutic treatments
  • Partner with the patients and encourage active participation in their care
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